Thursday, June 28, 2012

~ Preparedness ~

I am not a spontaneous person. AT ALL!!! My friends and family know not to call me up at the last minute to do anything. I must have time to stew about it obsess over it talk for hours about it prepare. So I have been preparing, well, thinking about, my upcoming quilt retreat for months now. But I haven't had time to really prepare for it.

When preparing for such an important occasion, one must ensure they have the right tools.

Last year, I took my trusty sewing machine that must weigh at least 500 pounds. Imagine my difficulty lifting that sucker to place in the over head compartment. This year, I decided I would take my Brother, which is so much lighter. Having made that decision, I realized I had a couple of problems...would it fit into my bag, and can I learn how to use it...quickly! fits (whew)!

Even the extension table...

No, Devlin, you will not fit ;-)

Now, that leaves me less than a week to learn how to use it. I've only used this machine for FMQing...without the foot pedal. I'm not even sure if the machine comes with a 1/4 inch foot. Assuming I am able to find the manual and all the attachments needed for my Brother, this beautiful charm pack, A Little Romance, is going to be my practice quilt.

 I'll be spending the next few days piecing lots and lots of squares.

Thanks, as always, for visiting my  blog!
~ Michelle ~


  1. AZEKA's GrannyJune 28, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    I have the utmost confidence that you will master using your Brothers machine. I love the pinks and purples you selected for your practice quilt. I fully expect to see Devlin in your carryon and Leo in your sister's. Have fun at your retreat.

  2. You and I are too much alike! And, you can squeeze Devlin in there, I'd love to meet him. ;-) I haven't prepared any yet either, except I pre-washed some fabric. but I need to decide what pattern I am going to piece it into and get it cut! ONE WEEK!

  3. You are hilarious!!! Love how the parts of the sewing machine are labeled. I'm wondering how I will get everything done as well....

  4. You can do it, good thing you have time to work towards that! Lucky you to get to join up with creative people like Doris-have fun!!

  5. Wow, that was pretty brave to bring a sewing machine you don't normally sew on. But you did it, and you did it with style! Way to go!

  6. wow... the most amazing labelling ever