Friday, March 1, 2013

The 350 Blocks Project - February Report

I am happy to report that I met February's goal of 28 blocks in the 350 Blocks Project, although I'm not quite caught up for the year. Quite frankly, I doubt I will be caught up until mid summer when I'll have much more time to quilt. In the meantime, thank goodness for quick and easy blocks!!

I am continuing to work on my ScrappyTripAlong and Shoofly quilts.

What a contrast in design and fabrics! I'm loving both of my projects.

As usual, all of my pictures stink, as I use the camera on my phone. I just don't have time for awesome photo shoots ;-)  *sigh* Maybe one day...

I have enjoyed working in shifts with my projects. Kind of like an assembly line. With my scrappy quilt, I spent a day sewing sets of six strips together and pressing them. Then, as I found time, I would subcut and piece together the blocks.

I did the same with the shoofly blocks. One afternoon drawing the line across the squares and pinning them, then chain piecing the HSTs, then pressing another day, finishing with trimming the dog ears. Too bad it's not a true assembly line with lots of people taking care of each step. Of course, then it wouldn't be mine, so what would be the point, right?

I do love the way my shoofly blocks are coming together...I have been so scared of silly of me!! report for the month...

February's  block - 32...Goal met
Year to date - 36...9 blocks short.

Thanks, Shelly, for helping me set and work towards a quilty goal!!!