Monday, November 24, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong 11/24/2014

I have neglected my City Sampler quilt the last few weeks, not that I haven't been busy quilting. I have entered my marathon Christmas quilting season and have been very busy trying to get quilts made for my kids. But I do have two more blocks to share. I think I am up to 21 blocks. However, I also have at least 2 (maybe 3) blocks to do over. One of them is this block:

Somehow I lost my point on the blocks on the right side...
I am enjoying HST much more than I did a couple of years ago, but I still miss the point occasionally.

I did a little better with the points on this block; however, two of the blocks on the right end lost their points as well. 

I don't know that I will ever make the perfect quilt block, probably because I don't really mind the mistakes. How horrible is that? ;-))))

I'll add these two blocks to my grid later...right now I am on babysitting duty, and my grandson has very little patience :)

Rene' and Cindy have some beautiful blocks to share this week, so be sure to head over to their blogs!!

~ Michelle ~

Monday, November 3, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong 11/3/2014

I can't believe it is already November!!! I am entering my panic mode, thinking of all the things I want to make for Christmas. Yikes!! I am thinking it was a wise decision on my part to commit to only two blocks each week towards my City Sampler quilt ;-)))

I love the two blocks for this week.

 I have added the blocks to the grid I've been using, with placement according to block number from the book.

I have created a second grid where I will be moving blocks around, testing different block arrangements for the Gridlock quilt (yes, I finally decided on the layout).

I'm sure this will be a challenge for me, but it is time for me to stretch myself and become more comfortable in making design decisions.

It's been a busy week, so I haven't received my usual sneak peek of Rene's blocks. But I know she has more amazing blocks to add to her Dear Jane quilt. And since I have Christmas on my mind, I know that Cindy's blocks will keep me in the spirit. So head over to Rene' Creates and Live A Colorful Life and see what they have been up to ;-)

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!!

~ Michelle ~