Thursday, June 21, 2012

~ Why Blog? ~

I was "talking" yesterday to one of my blogger friends, and I made the comment that I blog because my sister makes me tells me it's a way keep a journal of my quilts and make great friends. And, as usual, Rene' was right!

Last year, she invited me to retreat with some of the friends she had met online. During the retreat, I was so in awe of the company I was in, I mostly stayed silent, and just observed all the wonderful quilts everyone was working on. I didn't even participate in their show and tell session. How silly, right?

I am thinking (hoping) that this year I may not be so out ;-)

Do I now consider this group of wonderful ladies friends? Absolutely!!! Only for a friend would I go "into town" (all of a 15 minute drive) to pick up some fabric on sale.

Did I mention that I got this at HOBBY LOBBY at 40% off!!!
 As anyone who knows me will tell, I HATE going into town...only for you, Doris ;-)

I only have a few followers, which I guess is fine considering I don't blog consistently, but I do love the support and encouragement I receive from them. I was made encouraged to enter a quilt in the Blogger's Quilt Festival last year (sometimes anonymity is a great thing).

Another friend I have met through blogging is Michele, who is actually a friend of my sister. Between Rene' and Michele, I have seriously considered joining the OMQG!! I can just imagine my husband's reaction to the idea of going to Orlando twice a month to quilt.

And every great once in awhile, one of my pictures will catch the eye of a quilter who just "stumbled onto my blog."

I received the sweetest email from a lady who saw one of my blog posts, and this picture, and immediately recognized this lake with the fallen tree. She shared the story of her family reunions held at this park, which so closely parallels my family reunions!! I will always treasure that she took the time to email me and share her story!

Lastly, blogging gives me the opportunity to share photos of my frustration, Devlin, who apparently likes to blog as much as he likes to quilt!!

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog!!

~ Michelle ~


  1. ;-) I'll make it worth your trouble! BTW, you have 26 followers here, but on Google Reader you have 29 subscribers, so potentially you could have more than 50 people reading!

    And my Kato helps me blog, too. Like Devlin, he doesn't like to be too far from his peeps.

  2. Devlin is such a character! We will make you an honorary OMQG member and you can come play with us any time.

  3. Great post Michelle! Can't believe our retreat is almost much to do before then!

  4. AZEKA's GrannyJune 22, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    Is Devlin blogging or posting comments? He is too cute!!

    1. Devlin was actually helping me write my post. But I'm not sure what he meant by "22" ;-)

  5. Pretty cool stories. I'm already dreaming about next year's retreat!