Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~ Back and Forth ~

With two days left until I leave for my retreat, I am still struggling with what project to take with me. I decided months ago what fabric I wanted to use...Flora Lane by Laura Berringer, which I purchased at last year's retreat at Gruber's.

But what to do with it??? This past year I have looked at numerous patterns for lap size quilts, wall hangings, you name it...but could not find anything which I felt would really showcase the beautiful prints. At first, I thought I would make a quilt using a shoo fly pattern. I even ordered a coordinating solid to go with the prints. For whatever reason (I can't remember), I decided against this. Then, I thought I would do another Kitchen Window quilt like I made for my son.

I certainly wouldn't mind a do-over with this one!!

Again, for whatever reason which I now can't remember, I decided against this one as well.

Maybe another Hullabaloo quilt...

Yes...that's the one (I thought).

As I'm laying on the floor, literally, as my son is looking at me like I've lost my mind,
I pulled out the fabric and my Kona Color Card, needing to select one more coordinating solid.

Fortunately, Hobby Lobby (which is now my new best friend) had just what I needed...Kona Earth.

So as I'm pressing my fabric this morning in preparation of cutting, I decided, nope...not Hullabaloo.

I guess I better get to cutting before I change my mind again. Any guesses as to what I decided????

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog!

~ Michelle ~


  1. I'm having the same issues--and a lack of commitment! I think Hullabaloo would be gorgeous in those fabrics...

  2. ha! i don't need to guess what pattern you chose because i had the pleasure of watching you sew it up this past weekend. it was fun to watch it come together. you made a great choice, i think. hope you had a good trip home! i miss you already!

  3. I know which one you chose! I like how it's turning out, too! I also think you made a great choice!