Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~ Full Disclosure ~

I bought this shirt for my husband, not because he has a bad attitude, but because he loves to fish ;-)
I, however, went to bed last night, and woke up this morning, feeling pretty much like this fish!

I hate it when my attitude is less than positive!!

I've been working on my retreat quilt.
I.Hate.It :-(
I got it basted yesterday morning and started quilting it later that day.
A simple meandering stitch (not shown).

This quilt has really shaken my confidence!!
I love the fabric collection, love the pattern, but...

Just not feeling it.

I'm hoping that a change in thread color will help. I was using a brownish color which matches the backing fabric. But the stitches are showing up too much on the sashing and border fabric. So, maybe a lighter color will ease my pain some.

How do you determine the color of thread used for quilting?
What do you do when working on a quilt that you just don't like?
Any suggestions on quilting to make this quilt a little less unlovable?

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog!!
~ Michelle ~


  1. I have a hard time working on something I don't love, too. It is sheer determination sometimes to get something finished.
    Been there with the thread color....when I was quilting a quilt with black sashing, every color stood out. I ended up with a neutral gray tone and did all over loops and curls. It turned out great.
    Try a lighter tan tone of thread that blends with the sashing better, and you will probably like it more. Remember you are staring at the quilting close up right now, and once it is done most views will be at a distance of 3 to 6 feet and it will be less noticeable.

  2. First of all, that shirt--that is me about 80% of the time at the office (cause I'd rather be home sewing!!!)

    And, oh, Michelle--I think your quilt is beautiful and I wish you felt that way about it, too! If it is the sashing, maybe you need to change it before you quilt it so you don't "always dislike the quilt". I tend to use light threads for quilting when I do it myself often a neutral dull gray. (cause I prefer to hide my FM stitches!) but I could see choosing a light version of the blue, or even a halfway between your tan and brown color to blend in. Debbie has great advice.

  3. Michelle, I'm sure you will be happy with the finished product. I think your idea of a meandering design with a lighter thread is a good one. Also, listen to Debbie ;-) Hugs!

  4. brown is a hard color, especially in large amounts, lacks a wow factor. good luck

  5. That quilt is beautiful and as Debbie said, when it is done you won't be looking at it close up so much. Usually when I feel this way about something that I thought I would love but don't so much I just power through it and get it done. Usually by the time I'm putting on the binding I start liking it again and when the kids hold it up for my photograph I find myself thinking "Ah.. that is why I loved it!" As for thread, I always have my daughter choose what I should use, she is much better at it than I am. Not helpful for you unless you live in western Washington and want to feed me tea and cookies for bringing her over to help. :D

  6. AZEKA's GrannyJuly 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    Michelle, this quilt is beautiful. I agree with your sister and friends when they say you are so close to it right now. Remember why you loved the fabric in the first place and I believe you will love it when it is finished. You do amazing work.

  7. I like the quilt. I thought the blocks were pretty cool at the retreat. I really like how you have the stripes going diagonal on those big blocks. I agree with everyone else that a lighter quilting thread may do the trick. Also, don't forget, getting the binding on always changes things, too. Maybe consider doing a binding with a bright turquoise or something if you need a little splash to for your eyes. You could also do some piping before the binding, like I'm going to do on that one quilt. I find the binding can really change it up!

  8. I think you will like it if you change thread. It's such beautiful calm colors, and I'm sure you will love snuggling under that quilt when it's finished (or someone will). I usually decide whether I want the quilting to show or not show (as in, am I trying to emphasize the quilting or the quilt top?) then I pick a few different threads I think will work, and lay them all out across the top (one strand) and "audition" them. One will usually talk to me, and then I'm off and running. Just don't give up this close to the end! It's a gorgeous quilt!