Friday, July 13, 2012

~ A Gift for My Sister ~

My sister, Rene', just celebrated a birthday...a very special birthday...a milestone birthday. But I won't mention any numbers ;-) I made her a wall quilt. It has become somewhat of a tradition that I make her a smallish quilty gift...easier to fit in her suitcase. This picture was taken somewhere between Montana and Washington.

The pattern, Fiesta Wall Quilt, is from the book Quilting Modern, by Jaquie Gering and Katie Pedersen.
The fabrics selected were:

Center block: Couture French Dress by Laura Berringer for Marcus Brothers Fabrics
Inner Border: Kona Teal Blue
Center Border: Kona Azure
Outer Border: Kona Aqua

I enjoy giving quilty gifts to my sister; however, the process of making the gifts is difficult for me. Rene' and I talk almost daily about mainly quilt related topics, and I rely heavily on her input while making quilts. I still need a little hand holding ;-)

With this project, I followed the pattern very carefully, and I used any and all suggestions provided in the book. For arranging the strips, I placed painters tape on my design wall as suggested.

I used their pairing method for sewing the strips together. Since I am directionally challenged, I numbered the columns using the blue painters tape, which helped keep me straight.

I kept the book open during the entire process, knowing how I often mix things up ;-)

I somehow muddled my way through with only a few vague calls/questions to Rene' and a couple of emails to my friend Doris. Once completed, my Frustration and I were beat ;-)

I gave the wall quilt to my sister at our Gruber's retreat. 

My first pieced back :-)

I am pleased to say that Rene' loved her birthday gift! Whew!!!!!

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~ Michelle ~


  1. This is such a beautiful quilt! I was in awe! You did such a fabulous job making this. It inspired me with an idea on how to use a couple scrappy blocks I have had laying around. What an amazing gift to give and to receive.

  2. I like that you rose to the challenge, and made something great from the challenge. Your finish is really cool, and even better is the fact that your sister loves it, too!!

  3. Michelle, you know how much I LOVE this quilt!!!!!! You totally rocked it!!!! I love everything you have made for me, but this one especially shows how much you love me ..... challenging yourself to move outside your comfort zone ;-) I especially like how you incorporated my favorite colors. I am so glad you shared the quilt at the retreat. The quilt and you are totally awesome!!!!

  4. AZEKA's GrannyJuly 13, 2012 at 8:07 PM

    Michelle, this is an amazing quilt. It was so interesting reading the different steps you took to complete the quilt. I am totally blown away by the vision it takes to turn a selection of fabric into a quilt. Even though I am not a quilter, I can see the love that is put into the quilts.

  5. Lovely quilt Michelle. Quite a challenge!

  6. I agree with Rene'. You totally ROCKED this quilt! It is amazing. Rene' better watch it if I come to visit her. I might have to steal this from her! I just love it. I brought that book on vacation with me so I can finally read it. I want to make this quilt!