Monday, May 28, 2012

~ A Keeper ~

During my I've been too busy working to quilt phase, my husband was busy setting up my quilting room (no more quilting in the dining room). I have to say, he has been such a supporter of my quilting. First, he painted my room using the most beautiful color I have seen...Twilight Meadow. Don't you just love the name? Sorry about the glare and shadow...I'm still working on my photography skills. I love the way my mini quilt matches the wall. Pure coincidence!

Next, he put together some shelves for my fabric.

I'm slowly building my stash.

Lastly, he repainted this table so I would have a place for my Ipod...can't quilt without music ;-)

Yesterday, he made me a mini ironing board...

I had tried making one a couple of weeks ago using a method seen on the web. Unfortunately, it required sewing (, and it was a disaster. I figured a heavy duty staple gun and hammer would do the trick. I can't wait to use it!!

Although he doesn't quite understand my love of blogging (he calls it Faceblog in reference to Face Book, which he hates), he is slowing coming around. Last night, while covering his boat in anticipation of Beryl, my son suggested cutting a magnolia flower to surprise me. I'm so glad I did not see him ON A LADDER, ON THE BOAT in order to reach the flower!!!! This morning I awoke to the beautiful sight...

Placed in front of my TWO coffee pots.

...he even took a picture, knowing, I'm sure, that I would want to post it.

Yes, my husband is definitely a keeper ;-)

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog!!

~ Michelle ~


  1. AZEKA's GrannyMay 28, 2012 at 11:05 AM

    Your husband is definitely a keeper. Sounds like your are prepared for Beryl and the much needed rain it will bring.

  2. Great post!!! So glad you shared pictures of your sewing room. Thank Glen for know how much I love your paint color.

  3. So exciting to get a new sewing room! That is so great! I love the color of your room!

  4. Michelle, I love your new Sewing (Quilting) room. The color is a beautiful shade.