Sunday, January 29, 2012

~ No Rest For The Weary ~

This weekend has been filled with multi-tasking!!! We have a multitude of projects going on around our house which has kept us VERY busy...

My husband has slowly been painting every room in the house. He is sick and tired of the contractor's paint, as he calls it, and has been wanting to brighten up the house. Today, the living room...

My youngest son decided to devote his day to school work, which meant I was busy googling algebraic formulas and editing essays...

Devlin, of course, spent his day busily observing the activities...

Fortunately, my Frustration and I spent quality time quilting yesterday...

I have not been very motivated in finishing my retreat quilt, but I finally completed the quilting of it yesterday. All that is left is the binding.

I did spend some time this weekend cutting out the remaining templates for my Farmer'sWife Sampler Quilt. I had made this block the other week...#29, Economy...not too bad for my first effort using templates. A little off center (as is my picture), but I'll work out the kinks I'm sure :)

This block was just a practice one as I plan on piecing my sampler quilt with a sewing machine given to me for Christmas by my sister, Rene'. Hopefully, I can introduce Adele to you once all the home improvements slow down, and I have a place to set her up!!! I am anxious to get started!!!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by :)
~ Michelle ~


  1. Great job on getting painting done. That is a pain but fun to have done! And on getting your quilt quilted! AND on starting FW! I told Rene that I want to do the Civil War one, but I can't seem to get started, either. So daunting! I'm impressed by you two!

  2. Way to go Michelle!!! Love the new paint color. Can't believe you finished the quilting on your retreat quilt already. Your first FW block is fabulous!

  3. AZEKA's GrannyFebruary 3, 2012 at 6:29 PM

    It appears to me that the "Frustrated Quilter" is starting the new year with a bang! Love the color of the paint. I am looking forward to seeing more blocks.