Thursday, September 15, 2011

~ Autumn 121 ~

I finally finished my husband's birthday quilt. Never mind that his birthday was in July. I guess I have fallen behind in many things :)

I decided to continue developing my skills in FMQ. I have read in most blogs that one should chose a thread color to compliment or match the quilt backing. So, I first selected a dark brown thread. I wasn't too pleased with the results...

 Perhaps it showed too clearly my inexperience in stippling. So, I switched to a lighter thread, which I was much happier with...

During my quilting, Devlin (of course) was right in the middle of things...

Out of desperation, I pulled out a quilt just for him...yes, he is as spoiled as I am :)

I do think, however, that Devlin was quite pleased with my efforts... was my husband :-)

Have a great day!!

~ Michelle ~


  1. Hahaha! I love how Devlin gave his approval. Now is your husband going to have to fight him for possession of that quilt?

  2. Congratulations on finishing! It looks fabulous! I can see why hubby is happy! Now go make him some matching mug rugs ;-)

  3. I love the closeups of the fabric. I can tell by the pictures of Devlin, that your hubby is going to have a fight on his hands when he wants to use his quilt. Maybe they will become best buddies and share the quilt.

  4. I really love how your quilt turned out. It is GORGEOUS! I chose threads that blend in really well with the quilt. I'm so inexperienced with FMQing that I don't want it to show much either. Haha.