Sunday, July 31, 2011

~ Just call me Joe ~

Over the years, I have been called many things, some of which I prefer not to repeat J
Growing up; my dad would call me “Sweet Pea.” My husband lovingly refers to me as “Peety Swie” ~ a variation of “sweetie pie.” My youngest son often calls me “George” ~ as in Curious George ~ whenever I dare to ask him anything about what’s going on in his life. But the name that has seemed to really stick with my family is “Joe” ~ as in, “Go ask Joe,” as in “Go ask ‘jo mamma.”
Well, today, “Joe” is officially off duty!!!!
I am spending Sunday frantically working on my husband’s birthday quilt. Never mind that his birthday was July 26th…haha. I told him that if I did not get busy on it, his birthday quilt would become his Christmas quilt!!! Today is my last day of freedom before returning to school/work. I need to get in some major quilting while I have the time.
I am really excited about this quilt. The pattern is Autumn Stretched Star from the Nickel Quilts book given to me by my sister.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I am using the Arnold's Attic collection by Barbara Brackman for Moda. The colors and prints are beautiful…an earthy look that I really love.

And, as always, Devlin is with me every step of the way ;-)

Have a great Sunday!
~ Michelle ~


  1. It's looking good! So glad you found some time to sew today.'s a good thing I didn't call you ;-) Hope your first week back isn't too painful.

  2. I love that pattern, Joe! Too funny. Elsa's new name for me is "Dude." Not sure I like that either! This will be a beautiful quilt. My very first quilt was an elongated star, not too unlike this project! Can't wait to see it!