Monday, July 18, 2011

Does Size Really Matter?

How many times in life has this question been asked? Well, in quilting, size definitely does matter…especially the size of your blocks! I learned this the hard way when making my first quilt. I am a VERY literal person. When following a recipe, I don’t do well with “season to taste.” Tell me exactly how much seasoning to add. If I need to preheat the oven, tell me. Don’t assume I know to do this. The same applies with quilting. Not once have I ever read the words “square the block” when following a quilt pattern. My theory was that if I followed the directions of the pattern, then of course my blocks would be the size indicated. Wrong!!
It wasn’t until my third quilt that I heard the phrase “squaring the block.” I was at my LQS, and I was talking about my first quilt and how my seams wouldn’t line up. I didn’t know how on earth that could have happened! The owner asked if I had squared my blocks. I’m sure I must have had the blankest look on my face! Okay, so obviously this is a very basic step in quilting that every quilter should know, as evident by the look I received when I shook my head no. Well, she patiently walked me through the process, carefully explaining and demonstrating each step along the way. I just smiled and nodded my head at the appropriate times. Once I got home, I quickly went to my trusted computer and looked up “How to square a block.” After looking at lots of blogs and You Tube videos, I finally found a method that worked for me. I have to admit though, that squaring the blocks has become one of my least favorite parts in making a quilt. However, I remind myself, it must be done. Because, as I have learned... size does matter.

Have a great day!
 J Michelle


  1. Michelle, I do not have the patience to square up blocks, but as you said, size does matter, so reluctantly I now take the time to square them. I really love these fabrics for your latest quilt. It's going to be gorgeous!

  2. Hallelujah!!! It was YEARS before I was taught this!! Where did you find the best method for you? I still can't quite get it down - HELP! from "frustrated quilter 2" ;-)

  3. I sometimes square blocks and sometimes don't. Depends on how off they are. :-) I'm like you...I need really explicit instruction for things I'm not good at or new cooking! (I suck!)