Monday, September 8, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong

Welcome to this week's Choose Your Own BlockAlong! I sure enjoyed seeing the blocks that Rene and Cindy made last week!! And I can't wait to see their newest blocks!

This past week was a challenge for me. Between work, family, and end-of-Summer colds running through the family, I wasn't able to even think about my blocks until Saturday. Fortunately for me, Tula Pink makes it easy to choose blocks based on available time ;-)

Each block has the required number of fabrics and pieces.

 Needless to say, I chose blocks with very low numbers ;-)))

Both blocks were pieced using Cotton + favorite!! I had some difficulty with the first block. I'll attribute my cutting and/or piecing errors to the cold medicine. It may end up as an orphan block, which is a shame as I ended up liking the mustard colored solid used. 

Here are my four blocks placed on the City Sampler grid.

My blocks look so lonesome...haha!!

 As more blocks are made, I will need to decide the layout I want to use. In the book, Tula provides 5  possible layouts. The number of blocks and setting fabrics vary according to the layout. I also need to be thinking about color choices for the blocks. So far I've been winging it ;-)  I need to be making some decisions very soon!

Rene' was kind enough to make a button for our BlockAlong. Be sure and grab it from my sidebar if you want to play, which I hope you will. 

 And don't forget to head over to Rene' Creates and Live A Colorful Life to see their blocks for the week.

Thanks for stopping by!!

~ Michelle ~


  1. Two more gorgeous blocks!!! I love your washi tape paper clips...I use something similar in my Filofax. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Good for you for getting your blocks made amidst all that you have going on. I bet it was a nice reprieve to sit down and sew. I love how easy it seems to follow along with that book you're using. I really want to join your quilt-along, so I finally figured out what to make: the Marcelle Medallion quilt! I'm borrowing Cindy's book, so I'll be starting late.

  3. Fun to see them laid out. Like any good quilter, filling in the blanks is half the fun, right? Love the choice of blocks, as they are rich and beautiful.