Monday, January 21, 2013

~ Family Secrets ~

Who would have known that while my sister and I were scheming a surprise birthday quilt for our mom that she had a little secret of her own?!? Christmas quilts for us both...

Although we knew our mom had taken a quilting class in October, we never imagined that she would be working on TWO quilts for Christmas.

I am totally blown away by this "beginner!" And I use that word lightly.

My quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! And perfect for nap taking ;-)

Somewhere under that bundle is me ;-)))
Mom named the quilt "Memories." We have such wonderful memories of past Christmases, and we are always looking forward to making more memories.

We have had so much fun the past few months sharing our quilting journey. We laughingly ask what we talked about before we quilted, as the three of us spend hours on the phone with quilty talk.

Be sure to drop by my sister's blog to see the beautiful quilt our mom made for her!!!

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog!!

~ Michelle ~


  1. Lovely post about Mom's quilt! So happy to see pictures of the finished product. Mom showed me a few sneak peeks towards the end (after I got mine and the surprise was out). She's incredible!

  2. Really lovely! I think it's great that you two get to share your passion with your mum and that it's rapidly becoming one of her passions...

  3. WOW this is absolutely FABULOUS---your Mom is phenomenal!! Love your quilt---and how fun to have a sister AND your Mom sharing the same passions. :)

  4. I had so much fun watching you open your Christmas gift. The hardest part of making the quilt was not being able to call you and/or Rene' with questions. Thank you for all the beautiful Christmas memories we have shared and for introducing me to quilting. Michelle and Rene' mom.

  5. That is so awesome that your mom did that for you. Her quilts are beautiful, and I can't believe what she accomplished as a "beginner!"

  6. Well, obviously you and Rene' got your quilting genes honest. Your mom is amazing and definitely not a beginner any longer.

  7. Didn't she do a wonderful job! Look at those points ; ) think of the stash sharing you can do!