Thursday, August 23, 2012

Really Random Thursday - Episode 164: The Betrayal

Any Seinfeld fans out there? Besides Stephanie ;-) If so, you may appreciate my little variation of one of my favorite episodes.



I had the pleasure of visiting the doctor. As my husband would say, "Not too goooood!!" I'm now in the market for a particular dietary supplement. I'll be burping up fish every day.  Not real happy about it.

I'm even unhappier about having to lose 20 pounds!

I just don't understand...what am I doing wrong????


 Whew!! The first day of school is finally over. All the kiddos safely on their way home.
 But no kids "bus left!" Nope, not on my watch. After a stressful first day of school, there is nothing better than partaking in my favorite beverage...a glass of wine cleverly disguised as a cup of coffee.

Oh, how I LOVE my half and half


It's going to be a LONG day. Regardless of the rain and construction, I REALLY need my large MickeyD's sweet tea to get me through the day.


My sister, Rene', was kind enough to share her recipe for black beans. I've been wanting to make some for quite awhile. Of course, here in south Georgia, we serve up a little bit of beans with ALOT of rice. Too bad I don't have any cornbread to sop up the pot liquor!!


My husband and I had to take a quick trip to the emergency room to check on his sister. Thankfully, she was doing well except for a case of dehydration. While there, I had another conversation with my dear MIL regarding a particular family sewing machine. Oh boy was my blood boiling, blood pressure through the roof, steam coming out of my ears was I a little perturbed. Long I love to tell, but trust me, you don't want to hear. Fortunately, I had this gem I picked up at Publix waiting for me at home.


It's not often I dig into my groceries while still in the parking lot. But SIX hours to get my laptop/docking station hooked up...REALLY???


How clever am I to take a picture of all these wires before summer break. Hooking up my computer should be a breeze!

What a hot mess!!!


I am so excited about this upcoming school year!!! I'll be in a new room, which I love!! I love the beginning of a new school year. So many possibilities, plans, goals. This is going to be a great year. I'm even going to decorate my room (haven't done that for years)! We are going on a Speech Safari! Fortunately, I have my granddaughter helping me during pre-planning.

And my goal for the year.....STRESS FREE!! Don't can happen ;-)

I'm linking up with Cindy's Really Random Thursday.

:-) Michelle

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~ What's Up Wednesday ~

My sister occasionally has a What's Up Wednesday on her blog. I thought it appropriate to title this post the same. Not because I have had anything quilty happening lately, but she has been busy as my personal photographer while visiting the family in Mississippi ;-)

Rene' harasses me endlessly gently reprimands me for not blogging about all of my quilts. Sometimes I forget just how many quilts I have made.  Some quilts were made before I started blogging, and I have been thinking about posting about some of my earlier (like, 2 years ago...haha) quilts.

This quilt was made for my mother, Christmas 2010. The pattern is called Strip Search, which just cracks me up!! 

 The quilt was made during my initial quilting frenzy when I made my first, hmmm, FOUR quilts during a span of about four months. Talk about stressing out and getting very little sleep.

This was also when I realized two things...
I LOVE batiks!!
My machine HATES them...well, hates to FMQ on batiks.
I finally gave up (temporarily) on FMQing and stuck with my organic lines. I was able to finish it Christmas Eve with just a few tears of frustration and aggravation ;-)

I have to admit, I love looking at pictures of quilts taken by Rene'.  She really knows how to showcase them. Or, like I often tell her, "You make my quilts look good!"

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog! And thanks, Rene', for some awesome are the BEST!!
~ Michelle ~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

~ Dead End ~

I live on a cute little four house street that dead ends into the woods. When we first bought our house, we noticed alot of cars driving to the end of the road and, very poorly, trying to turn around...usually in our yard in which we were trying desperately to grow grass. I asked the city to put up a Dead End sign to (hopefully) decrease the amount of unnecessary traffic. They kindly obliged... think?????

Sometimes I wonder about the workings of our quaint little community's government. Picture Barney Fife, Mayberry, USA ;-)

But this sign kind of symbolizes how I feel right now. I've had an abrupt end to my summer.
I was quite dismayed to learn that I would be spending my last week of Summer vacation here... I was afraid it would interfere with this...

Fortunately, I was "respectively" rejected and was able to make my hair appointment. Yay!! A cut, color, and more gray for me ;-)

 As you are reading this, I am back at school, setting up my little therapy room. Can I get a collective *sigh*!!! The reality of the real world must be faced, which means no more marathon quilting sessions for me.

 And just when I was starting my newest project.  

Ah...Kate Spain's Serenade

Thanks, as always, for visiting my blog!!
~ Michelle ~