Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ Gruber's Revisited ~

Last week, I pulled out my purchases from my retreat at Gruber's this past summer. As I tend to be very cheap frugal, I did not buy too much (big mistake).  I quite honestly didn't think about my purchases very much, just grabbed a Comfort of Psalms panel and some fat quarters I thought would look "nice."  I don't really have that "shopping gene," and I don't really have an eye for fabric.

Well...boy did I ever learn something about myself. I DO have that shopping's just been well hidden. When I pulled out the "nice" fabric I had purchased, I just about died!!! First of all, It.Is.Gorgeous!!!! Secondly, I needed wanted MORE!!! I went online searching desperately for the line...FloraLane by Laura Bellinger for Marcus Fabrics. (I can, and have, repeated this in my sleep, many, many times). Unfortunately, I could not find it anywhere. I even went to Gruber's online luck.  I was almost literally sick!!!  I was telling my friend at the LQS about my tragedy, and she suggested that I call Gruber's, as they cannot possibly put everything in their store on their website. Thank goodness for her wisdom!!! I called, they had it, I ordered it (without a thought as to whether I really needed to be making a purchase right now), and it arrived yesterday...

Oh, my GOODNESS, how I love it!!!!! And, as I told my sister, I CAN be passionate about fabric (another gene I thought was missing, which is NOT good for a quilter)!!!!

I also purchased a Gruber's mug, which I had really wanted, but again, too cheap to buy...

...which was perfect timing as today is National Coffee Day :-)

Have a great day!!

~ Michelle ~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ Three Firsts ~

~ First mini quilt ~
~ First "holiday quilt ~
~ First time quilting without a pattern ~

Not too bad for three firsts; however, I'm not happy at all with the outer squares. But that's okay...I am already looking forward to tomorrow night and trying another one :-)

~ Michelle ~

Sunday, September 18, 2011

~ Oh, The Possibilities... ~

There was no quilting in my house this weekend. I received a package from my sister (yes, I know, further confirmation that she spoils me), and I spent most of my time oohing and ahhing over all the wonderful goodies she sent me and planning for new quilts.

LOVE these charm packs!!

6 inch squares, and...

...lots of 2 inch squares

THIS I have plans for...

Beautiful Christmas prints

What every quilter needs ;-)

I can't wait to get started!!!

Have a great week :)

~ Michelle ~


Thursday, September 15, 2011

~ Autumn 121 ~

I finally finished my husband's birthday quilt. Never mind that his birthday was in July. I guess I have fallen behind in many things :)

I decided to continue developing my skills in FMQ. I have read in most blogs that one should chose a thread color to compliment or match the quilt backing. So, I first selected a dark brown thread. I wasn't too pleased with the results...

 Perhaps it showed too clearly my inexperience in stippling. So, I switched to a lighter thread, which I was much happier with...

During my quilting, Devlin (of course) was right in the middle of things...

Out of desperation, I pulled out a quilt just for him...yes, he is as spoiled as I am :)

I do think, however, that Devlin was quite pleased with my efforts... was my husband :-)

Have a great day!!

~ Michelle ~